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Master Limited Partnerships Service Description
In 1987, the Internal Revenue Service made it mandatory for brokerage firms and banks to provide street name information to Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), so as to enable them to produce K-1 statements for their individual investors. Wall Street Concepts (WSC) operates as a clearinghouse, identifying master limited partnerships, collecting information from nominees, editing the information, consolidating the information and distributing it to the Master Limited Partnership.

Monthly CUSIP files are provided as a tool for your firm to update your security master, ensure cash payments are classified correctly and as a solicitation of transaction activity. Demographic and transaction activity is edit tested and balanced with on-line error reports. Nominee account numbers are masked with a WSC account number as a safeguard to Nominee Customer information. Both Nominees and Partnerships are given web access to view the data.

 For more information, please contact wsc.ClientServices@fisglobal.com.
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